Various points in history have shown that savings are not always as secure as you might think. Moreover even if your assets are not at risk of being lost or stolen, invisible thieves like inflation can eat away at your savings. Truly secure saving involves a variety of tactics and tools to make sure that your savings are safe and not disappearing.

Are Your Savings Secure?

SecureSaving.com is designed to help you determine where your funds belong and how safe your current accounts are. The security of your accounts comes from several sources. One of the most important prerequisites to making good financial decisions is understanding FDIC and SIPC insurance. These are two of the most common forms of account insurance, and being informed about them can help you know just how safe your money is. Paying close attention to your accounts and the limits of their coverage can save you from disaster.

Cash Options

Some of the most basic, and most secure, options available to you are cash savings. While this may seem simple there are actually a wide variety of options available, even when it comes to simple deposit accounts:

Becoming familiar with these kinds of accounts can help you make the most secure decisions about your finances.

Managing Your Finances

These are just some of the tools available to help you take control of your finances. Whether you invest in government bonds or the stock market, or even stick your money under the mattress, you need to know your options and you need to have a strategy. Leaving your personal financial management to someone else can be the worst mistake of your life.

Security Through Education

The most important step in this process is education. Learning about all the possibilities and dangers can help you make wise decisions. Bank failures and other risks seem to be a more present danger than anytime since the Great Depression. We don't know what the future holds, so it pays dividends to be prepared for any contingency. The information on this site can help you be prepared for these kinds of situations and instill you with the confidence that comes from making informed decisions.