Secure Savings

Ultimately the key to Secure Savings is education. Many people seek to outsource financial knowledge, but complete trust in others can never be truly secure. Do you really expect someone else to act in your best interest without at least some supervision? You must take some responsibility for your own security.

Finding Advisers

Much like your health concerns your best bet when making financial decisions is to always get a second opinion. In fact a third, fourth and even more opinions are usually in order. By getting advice from multiple sources, it can help you find the commonalities and dissect ways in which your advisers may be overlooking your desires, or working in their own interests. No one is perfect and the people you trust with your money can make mistakes. By getting advice from multiple sources you decrease the odds of misunderstanding and increase the odds of security.

A lot of benefits can come from having your accounts with different institutions anyway. First of all you can avoid hitting FDIC limits. Additionally you can get an idea of which institutions provide the customer service you want as well as the best advice. Many people are satisfied with their banker or broker mainly because they don't have experience with an alternative. If they knew what kind of options were available they might change their opinions.

Taking Responsibility

While none of us necessarily want to spend our days on our financial decisions, it only makes sense that we should invest some time into understanding our situation. Your life savings are the product of your entire life's work, it only makes sense to protect and guide them. You want them working for you, not for someone else. Ultimately even if you'd rather not, at some point you're going to have to develop the knowledge to make secure saving decisions.

Even if you may prefer otherwise your most reliable financial adviser must always be yourself. There are many steps you can take to help you make wise financial decisions, but always take new insight with a grain of salt. The basics tend to work best. Save what you earn, diversify your savings, be cautious. Many times what feels like "get rich quick" may be no better than gambling. You might get rich, or you might lose it all. That is not secure saving.